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Potato store loaders

The DOWNS telescopic potato store loaders allow a bulk storage of different products: potatoes, onions, grains at high working speed.

Designed for an intensive use, the DT telescopic store loaders is equipped with the latest and the most advanced technologies and components in order to offer a premium product.

The storage is gentle and without damage thanks to a filling by layers to avoid avalanches and to allow an effective distribution of product.

The big distance beyond the wheels makes it possible to store at a significant height without crushing the product for a maximum profitability.

Efficient and easy to use thanks to a user-friendly MAGELIS touchscreen, this telescopic store loader can spin in manual, semi-automatic and automatic modes in order to save time and inspire more confidence.

Designed for demanding professionals, it offers an easy access to the key components of the machine for an easier maintenance and low costs of use.

Available in 13, 14 and 18 m long, in 650, 800 mm wide, the DOWNS telescopic potato store loaders can adapt to any storage conditions.