Definition of your needs

As a manufacturer specialized in handling and storing industrial harvests, we are committed to meeting all of our customer’s needs as quickly as possible.

Every client is unique. That is why we offer a personal support to make sure of their full satisfaction.

Research department

Formed by trained engineers and technicians, the DOWNS research department has been designing more and more efficient storage and handling solutions.
The research department has been developing future projects and has been working around 3 axes:
1. Feed backs from the clients according to their requirements in the field, from the service technicians and the technical salesmen.
2. Modelling of new solutions thanks to 3D computer softwares with internal and external validation.
3. Prototyping, tests and feed backs from the clients on the new projects.

Production and Factory

After the validation of the pre-production model by the research department, the new products are industrialized to meet the highest industrial standards.

As an integrated manufacturer, DOWNS makes the whole machine from the receiving of raw materials to the final assembly. The production, totally integrated into the factory, is a guarantee of quality, respect of the delivery times, availability of the spare parts and high ability to react from our after sales service.



Before delivering the machines, they are all adjusted and tested. This quality control is a guarantee of the customer’s satisfaction.
According to the place, the machines are dispatched by trucks, containers, ships.

On site installation

The DOWNS technicians can install the new equipment at the customer’s place in order to guarantee the good working of the chain and the customer’s satisfaction.
During this installation, DOWNS also plans a training for its customers. This way they can easily use their machines and maximise their efficiency.


The after sale service is available for the customers for any question about the use of their machines.
Open all year long and 7 days a week during the critical periods, the after sale service intervenes as quickly as possible.
This service is an important part of the company and aims for the continuous improvement of our products and services.