Who is Downs?

The DOWNS Company and potato farming have always been closely bound. Everything started with the arrival of the mildew in Europe. The disease caused a great famine between 1845 and 1852 which devastated the United Kingdom. As a result of this disaster, potato farming was going to become more and more professionalized and industrialized in order to meet the food requirements of the British population.

In 1860, these circumstances led Mr. Edward Walter DOWNS, blacksmith farrier, to create the eponymous company DOWNS with one goal: to take part in the development and the mechanization of potato farming.

This family-owned company grew and developed in England and all over the world thanks to reliable, efficient and innovative equipment. Among the numerous innovations, the most known must be the 1st automatic box filler (1950) and the 1st square-screened sizer (1980).

The growth of the DOWNS Company and the need to develop it on the French market logically led to a meeting with the DUBRULLE family whose company was already a specialist of handling equipment.

In 1981, the DUBRULLE Company finally became the exclusive importer of the English brand DOWNS for the French market.

This profitable collaboration peaked in 2006 with the acquisition of the DOWNS Company, then with no family owner, by the DUBRULLE Group.

This historic turning point will lead to the building of a new production plant in Sainte Marie Cappel, France, at the heart of a potato farming region. This new production unit will then make it possible to carry on with the development of DOWNS brand in France, England and through the whole world.

Now, designer and manufacturer of handling and storing solutions for potatoes, onions and other leguminous plants, DOWNS is present in 25 countries through the 5 continents.

All the DOWNS’ co-workers, in France and abroad, remain at every client’s service.

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Our Know-how

  • Research department

    Real driving force of the company, the research department totally focuses on the clients’ requirements in order to offer the most efficient and adjusted solutions.

  • Production

    The production is now totally integrated into the DOWNS manufacturing process for a perfect control of the quality of manufacturing and lead times.
    The modern and effective production facilities make it possible to meet the highest agricultural and industrial standards while allowing a high responsiveness.

  • Customer relationship

    As the centre of our concerns, our customers are paid special attention from all DOWNS’ co-workers, partners and dealers for a long-termed successful customer experience.

  • Customer service

    Improving the working of an installation, bringing personalized solutions or training the users are some of the numerous tasks of our technical team.
    The customer service is an essential part of the solutions offered by DOWNS to take maximum advantage of our equipment.