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The DR240 potato box tipper is known for its DOWNS patented rolling lid.

This potato box tipper is multipurpose and adapts to all kind of box to 2.40 m wide. It corresponds perfectly to the structures using boxes of different sizes.

The main advantages of the DR240 box tipper are a high degree of accuracy and a constant control of the height of drop thanks to a unique rolling lid system. Indeed, the rolling lid automatically closes the box before it rotates 145 degrees. Then, the gradual opening of the rolling lid makes it possible to discharge the product as progressively as necessary according to the user’s needs. This rolling lid system allows to perfectly control the height of drop and to avoid frictions and scratches on the product.


The DR240 potato box tipper has been designed to meet the agricultural and industrial companies’ requirements. That explains why the rotation of the box is carried out thanks to a powerful gear motor equipped with brakes, allowing a better shaking of the box and so, a perfect emptying.