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The DOWNS DFL carrot fieldloader is an efficient solution to receive, sort and load the carrots directly in the field.

Its modular design makes it possible to specifically adapt it to your needs. Generally, the carrot fieldloader is fitted with:

A wide hopper to receive the crop : valuable product, soil, clods, stones, waste.

A DOWNS ULTRA system, rubber stars or polyurethane coils for the cleaning meant to separate the soil from the valuable product. The soil, removed thanks to these systems, remains in the field.

A pre-sizing system to leave the small foreign objects (clods and stones) in the field. Only the good product is transported out of the field which means lower transport costs, fewer trucks on the road and so, fewer greenhouse gas emissions, lower storage costs.

A picking table allowing the operators to remove the green, rotten and damaged potatoes.


A long distance loading system, either a telescopic elevator or a chain elevator. This way, the fieldloader stays in the field to load only the valuable product into a trailer stayed on the road.

A heavy-duty chassis, designed to work in challenging conditions but also to remain easily transportable. This machine works thanks to an integrated power generator and can be independently used day and night.

The carrot fieldloader is an efficient solution aiming to give value to the harvested carrots, regardless of the harvest conditions, even the most challenging ones.