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DOWNS offers custom-made solutions to potato trading centre. Thanks to their great expertise, our design office will advise you and guide you through your turnkey and specific projects.

Discover here a turnkey project making it possible to receive, control, inspect, sort and load the potatoes into boxes and big bags. It is also possible to load them directly into trailers thanks to our potato truck filling conveyor.

This line makes it possible to receive the product either from a trailer or from boxes.

From the beginning of the line, a sample collection system measures the quality of the batch. Then, all the potatoes are cleaned thanks to rubber stars. A metallic coil module separates the small potatoes from the clods and stones and leads them to the integrated double clod separator.

Thanks to a wide picking table, it is possible to inspect the potatoes and remove the bad product or foreign objects. Then, a double DOWNS DS PREMIUM sizer calibrates the potatoes accordingly to the selected screens. A motorized-wheel has been designed to store all the rubber screens and to make their installation easier.

Thanks to a smart layout of the conveyors, it is possible to lead the product to the selected exit. The potatoes are loaded into either boxes or big bags according to their sizes thanks to the DOWNS DF MIXTE.

After the storage, it is possible to visit the potatoes again thanks to the double box tipper DOWNS DR 240 TANDEM and lead them to the potato truck filling conveyor.

Watch this video to learn more about this potato storing line for trading centres.