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The DF Mixte is an automatic potato big bag and box filler for potatoes and onions able to fill any kind of big bag and box.

Designed to respect the product, the DF Mixte is equipped with two wide vertical transfer conveyors limiting the height of drop in the big bag or box. This way, the boxes and big bags are uniformly filled and the product is completely respected.

The DF Mixte potato bug bag and box filler makes it possible to reach a work output of 30/35 tons per hour to save time and increase efficiency during the storage.

The use of the DF Mixte is easy and intuitive thanks to the MAGELIS touchscreen allowing the configuration of 8 sizes of box without any human intervention. This way, the use is comfortable and fast. It is also easy to change the filling mode between the filling of big bags or boxes thanks to the MAGELIS touchscreen.