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The DOWNS CropVision is a new generation optical grader for unwashed potatoes. Fitted with the latest technological innovations, it allows a qualitative sorting of the potatoes at high speed before sorting them (to 100t/h).

The DOWNS CropVision® is fitted with industrial cameras coupled with an Artificial Intelligence algorithm. This unique and patented combination makes it possible to analyse the whole surface of the potatoes (360°) in order to classify them with precision according to their quality:

  • Clods
  • Stones
  • Waste
  • Good potatoes
  • Green potatoes
  • Cut potatoes
  • Spoiled potatoes
  • Mishappened potatoes
  • Cracked potatoes

The DOWNS CropVision® has three exits for the potatoes: a first one for the product to keep, a second one for the waste and a third one for second category potatoes. According to the user’s settings, the ejecting fingers will lead the product to the right exit.

Thanks to the 360° scan of each potato, the DOWNS CropVision’s® user has access to very accurate information about the stored potatoes. Information such as the size of the potatoes for each batch of product, or their quality.

The DOWNS CropVision® is easy to use thanks to a user-friendly touchscreen and can be integrated into DOWNS’ receiving hoppers and graders fitted with moving floors of 2800 mm at the widest. As for every other DOWNS solution, this potato optical grader has been designed to limit the impacts on the potatoes thanks to a reduced height of fall between the two conveyor belts.

This new generation optical grader is the solution to recurrent problems encountered before storage: labour availability, sorting quality, economic profitability, food safety and environmental impact.