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The range of DOWNS DG receiving hoppers and graders for carrots has been designed to receive, clean, calibrate and inspect the carrots. Available in a standard or custom-made version, it can be adapted to all your needs.

The modular design of the DOWNS DG grader for carrots makes it possible to offer a great number of combinations to meet all your requirements: the type of soil, your geographic location and the kind of carrots (from the baby carrots to the Nantaise carrots).

From the receiving hopper to the product conveyor belt, our design office will find the best solution to meet your needs.

The carrot grader or DOWNS COMBI can be fitted with several combinable modules. For example :
-a presentation or a measuring conveyor belt to spread and separate the carrots before the cleaning modules.
-a cleaning module fitted with either rubber star rollers or polyurethane coil rollers or DOWNS ULTRA (segment roller). This cleaning module can be electrically or hydraulically driven in order to benefit from the high speed cleaning system AUTO CLEAN.
-a pre-calibrating module fitted with either smooth stainless steel rollers or polyurethane coil rollers
-a clod separator with one or two integrated clod separator rollers (stainless steel or Israelian) which can or cannot be used for the main flow of product.
-a comfortable picking table, adjustable in height: an ergonomic design, essential for long working days.