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Potato crop cart DOWNS GEO DTX-18

The DOWNS potato crop cart is available for potatoes but also for carrots, onions and other vegetables. The crop cart DOWNS GEO DTX-18 is a unique and patented solution.

This solution has been developped for long distance field, transport cost reduction, soil in the field, …

The DOWNS potato crop cart is a versatile solution able to be used in 2 configurations:

Configuration 1-Crop cart mode:  The DOWNS GEO DTX-18 is linked to the tractor and follow the potato harvester in order to optimize the soil elimination. Once the hopper is full, the operator is easily able to directly load a truck or to go for an efficient cleaning solution before the loading thanks to a patentes by-pass system.

Configuration2 -Fieldloader mode: The DOWNS GEO DTX-18 is located in the field in a fix position. From this place, trailers will tip into it for loading in truck or to fill up potato box fillers.

The potato crop cart DOWNS GEO DTX-18 is a performant, innovative and versatile solution to clean and load potatoes, carrots and vegetable in the field.

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